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Day 4

Cranbrook, BC to Colville, WA

sunny 70 °F

250 miles today. Short day today, Marv's tire was running out faster than he thought so we took the short route back in order for him to make it to the local Yamaha dealer for a tire. What a RIP OFF! $250 for one tire, they didn't have a tire machine or a spin balancer! and Marv had to remove the tire himself or they would have charged him another hour of labor. Talk about train robbers - geez. Anyway, the tire is changed and we're in for the night.

The ride down from Cranbrook was pretty nice, going through Creston was awful stop and go, but the ride up 3A to Crawford Bay was really nice, the only thing is that road had a lot of driveways, but overall the road was really fun.

Beautiful 1973 Norton Commando at a brief stop in Gray Creek

another brief stop in Crawford Bay

Crawford Bay to Balfour ferry

Once we got back into the states we took 31 to 20 to Colville. 31 was really nice, I was surprised by a series of 20 mph downhill hairpin 180's in a row. the road is in superb condition. the ride to Colville east on 20 was also very very nice.

Marv's bike sans rear wheel getting an unacceptably expensive tire mounted and balanced

Today was pleasantly sunny, even though is was cold enough to use the heated gear most of the day. It warmed up later in the day the further south we got.

Not much else for today.

Evening Update: Met up with Jim and Cary from HSTA at Benny's in Colville, the rest of the group was unable to make the ride this weekend so it will be just the five of us tomorrow. Unfortunately Cary forgot his passport so the rest of this ride will be in the states. We'll stay at Benny's again tomorrow night and figure out Sunday plans later. It supposed to rain Sunday, so that will be a factor, plus I'm planning to break off from the group Sunday to go meet an old friend in Osoyoos and spend Sunday night there. It will be good to catch up with old friends.

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OK ESN:0-7385906

OK Check - Marty
Nearest Location:not known
Distance:not known
Time:09/04/2009 22:56:00 (GMT)

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Day 3

Revelstoke, BC to Cranbrook, BC by way of Lake Louise and Radium Hot Springs

storm 62 °F

full report later, just getting in. finally have a hotel with internet access.

329 miles today.

today was not the best of days, Trans Canada 1 is long boring major freeway, only two lanes and you can't pass very well. lots of logging truck, RV's and just plain slow folks. scenery is gorgeous, but the riding sucked. Many sections of TC1 are either being resurfaced or widened so there were lots of construction slow downs.

TransCan Monument at Rogers Pass

Entering Alberta en route to Lake Louise


I'm kind of bummed that we crossed the time zone and continental divide and didn't see any decent signs to take a picture infront of.

Roads out to Lake Louise were the same - slow and lots of construction. Just after leaving Lake Louise we ran into a major car wreck, all traffic stopped, rescue helicopter landed right in front of us. we were stuck there for a short while.


Just as we passed the wreck it started to rain, then it started to pour and blow like mad. The rest of the ride was pretty miserable with very high cross windows, pissing down rain for the next hour. Also ran over a downed tree across the entire road that looked like it had exploded on impact, nice huh? Had soup in Radium Hot Springs at a little German place. Left there and it rained some more.

Went to Kimberley per plan, hotel was a fleebag so we went on the Cranbrook which was plan B for the night.

I'll write more later after dinner. heading for Colville tomorrow.

Fish and Chips in Cranbrook

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Day 2

Grand Forks, BC to Revelstoke, BC

sunny 85 °F

Day 2

Today was a great riding day, 365 miles but it felt like less, a very comfortable ride length.

We left the very forgettable Luna B&B after a traditional Romanian breakfast of eggs and boiled chicken.


We headed west on Rt 3 to Rock Creek, then turned north on 33 towards Kelowna.

Rt 33 near Beaverdell

entering Kelowna

Kelowna is just gorgeous! I was stunned, stunned I say, to learn that Marv, fountain of information and walking riding historian and maven had never heard of Tim Horton's! Never. A mandatory stop at T.H. for a coffee and a donut for me was in order as I was suffering from a good caffeine headache and I talked Marv into a bite the crueler. The people at Tim Horton's were very friendly as were their customers. One who was going though the drive through stopped the line of cars to take of picture of the three of us standing in the parking lot.


From downtown Kelowna we circle clockwise under the lake to Westside Rd up the west side of Lake Okanogan, (huh, now there's a naming coincidence). Westside Rd was fantastic. the views spectacular. Traffic was mixed, road conditions mostly excellent.

Up and around the top of the lake and into Vernon wrapped up the morning ride and we pulled into Tim Horton's for lunch. Yes, twice in one day, I had to ensure ye riders of little Canadian lore experienced the full Tim Horton tradition. Rt 6 south east from Vernon to Needles was terrific. Lots of high speed sweepers, a fair number of tighter turns but nothing hair raising and still good fun. Traffic was mostly light with an occasional RV or logging truck, nothing we couldn't pass within a few minutes. The one drag that happened along this route is for some reason my Zumo crapped out and kept crashing. It would come on for a minute then as it loaded the route info and found where we were it would just go dark. (I deleted the route this evening so it seems like its working again, must ave. been a corrupted route) The Needles / Fauquier ferry was interesting in that it pulls itself across the lake via underwater cables. Marv was very intrigued by this.


Continuing north to the Galena Bay / Shelter Bay ferry for a nice crossing. At this point I'm getting nervous because I'm low on gas, the light hasn't come on yet but it's getting close. The bike computer says I have 50 miles to go until empty, Revelstoke is 35 miles away. After the crossing I'm really babying the throttle to make it Revelstoke. About 5 miles from the ferry the gas light comes on. Hoping for a little luck we press on. There's no signs, no gas, no info with the Zumo dead. We press on. 20 minutes later we pass a sign that says Big Eddy's Gas so I pull in running on fumes and fill up. The bike took 4.65 gallons in the 5 gal tank! I got 181 miles out of that tank. Good to know, but I'll stick to filling sooner rather than later. I probably had another 5 miles before I was done, fortunately it all worked out.


Leaving Big Eddy's we hit a strip of gas stations and other signs of life less than a mile up the road as we enter Revelstoke proper.

What a cool little town, I wish we had got here around 3 so we could have walked around more. I circle look for the Power Springs Inn which was recommend by a friend of mine I worked with years ago who's huge ski enthusiasts and has been here often. +1 on that recommendation, we scored a suite with 3 queen beds for $132 / night including breakfast. Second he recommended the Regent Hotel for the best food in town, +2. We had delicious burgers and salad at the Regent, very nice, modern place, friendly staff, reasonable prices and -D-elicious food. The only FAIL is the "free high speed internet connection" advertised on the Inn's sign is down and not working at all. Maybe at the next hotel I'll finally get online.


Now for a good nights rest, on to Lake Louise tomorrow.

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